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Be Authentic and Brand the Real You! | taught by Mimika Cooney

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Learn how to tell your authentic story without feeling cheesy, how to use words that sound like the real you, and how to use an emotional connection to drive action.

What Students are saying...

  • Antonia says "Great stuff! Just did a new website and want to put more of my personality in it! You have given me permission to do so! "
  • Alessandra says "Awesome info and I have a GREAT takeaway phrase now to help me get through my fear of speaking about myself to people."
  • Rashmi says "Thank you Mimika! This is all great!!! "

Mimika Cooney
Mimika Cooney
Award Winning Instructor
South African born Mimika Cooney is known as the go-to branding, video and marketing specialist. Nominated by Huffington Post as one of "50 Women Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2017". She is a TV Host, Interviewer, published Author, Videographer, International Award Winning Photographer, Public Speaker and Online Marketing Strategist. Mimika’s passion is helping entrepreneurs build their businesses with video, branding and online marketing strategies. With past training and experience as a live television broadcaster, Mimika hosts her own interview web show on YouTube. Her passion it teaching entrepreneurs and experts how to harness the power of clever marketing through her signature courses, speaking and consulting. Get free resources

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